We are a leader of and paving paths in the nascent space of equity crowdfunding. Think "Kickstarter, but for equity"; it’s a real opportunity to change the way startups raise capital and how a brand new asset class (venture) can be opened to the broader public. We're connecting highly vetted startups to investors, thereby democratizing startup investments to the general public and spurring innovation through startups, adding transparency to this otherwise secretive industry -- to date, we've funded over 150 startups and have a rapidly growing network of over 250,000 investors. We're a very lean, fast-moving team that is intent on defining how startup fundraising and investments work.

We were founded by Ryan Feit and James Han and officially launched https://www.seedinvest.com in February 2013. We're now a well-funded startup that is looking to continue what we started all the way back in 2011 when we first helped build and lobby for what became a part of the JOBS Act .

Join us(!) if you are someone:
 - With a deep passion for startups, entrepreneurship, and SeedInvest
 - That agree that the people and the mission are more important than any job description
 - With a desire to take ownership of work 
 - That has strong critical thinking skills 
 - With the ability to run in the right direction given a lot of rope
 - With a strong bias for action
 - With an unending drive and a thirst to learn 
 - That is transparent and honest with excellent communication skills

We're looking for people to join our team in Manhattan, New York for full-time roles.

There are no open positions at this time.